CNN: Building Up America (2010)
Segment open for CNN special series. Robert Hunter, Design Director, Jong Huh, Compositor.

CNN: Fighting the Flu (2010)
Segment open for CNN special series. Robert Hunter, Design Director, Richard Kranz, Compositor

Straight-ahead experimental animation. (2013)

Turner Studios: 40 Years of Turner (2009)
Internal presentation video for Turner Studios. Wayne Johnson, Writer/Producer, Mario Orlando, 3D Artist.

Typography animation experimental video. Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "An die Musik" (To Music) and the third movement of the Symphony No. 4 of Gustav Mahler, "Ruhevoll" (Peaceful). To me, they seem made for each other.

Opening titles for "Entre los Dioses del Desprecio", a film by Alfredo Rivas.

Drawbridge Demo 2010: A montage of mostly broadcast work — design, special effects, animation — primarily from the first decade of the new century.

CNN International: World News Asia Promo
A 30-second promo for World News Asia, featuring Andrew Stevens and Monica Pedrosa. I was provided with footage of the talent and designed the entire promo around them. Cathy Cleary, Director, On-Air Promotion, Devin Lenz, Producer. This promo won a Silver BDA award in 2006.

Planet Think: 3 Opens
I conceived, drew, and animated these three opens for Planet Think, which was an in-class elementary school educational show.
Logo animation for CitronHaus, Laura Citron's artistic representation agency. Music by Dewey C. Dellay.

In 1984 WNEV-TV SE7EN's Robin Young interviewed me for a short news segment. This is one do-over I would like to have — but it is what it is! She tries to explain how TV graphics are made... We had just begun to build them electronically, moving away from using boards, acetate overlays, Polaroid cameras, and rub-down lettering.

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